Monday, July 29, 2013

New TBLG Military Group SPARTA Emerges From OUTServe-SLDN Drama

Post image for SPARTA, New Group For LGBT Service Members And Veterans LaunchesIn the wake of the contentious drama that ensued after the ugly implosion of OUTServe-SLDN last month and the drama in BTLG World concerning what exactly did happen with former director Allyson Robinson, a new TBLG military advocacy group has arisen from the smoldering ashes of OUTServe-SLDN.

The newly minted organization is called Servicemembers, Partners, and Allies for Respect and Tolerance for All (SPARTA) and formed July 22. 

SPARTA said in a statement they “are a membership organization, built by, for, and with members from all parts of our community.”   The trans community is represented in SPARTA's ranks following the decision of the Transgender chapter of OUTServe-SLDN to leave that organization to join SPARTA.

"Since the upheaval at OutServe-SLDN began on June 22, the transgender chapter of the organization has been working to determine where and how we can best fit within the movement," wrote Brynn Tannehill, the chapter spokeswoman for OutServe-SLDN's Military Transgender Group in a statement.

"This process has been painful, and strained personal and professional relationships that had previously been strong… The ultimate question we had to answer was where we need to be in order to most effectively move the issue of open service for transgender people forward. Unfortunately, it was the considered opinion of our members that OutServe-SLDN will not be able to represent our interests effectively for the foreseeable future."

Meanwhile the troubles continue to mount for OUTServe-SLDN with the announced July 31 closing of its Washington DC offices and reports it is near bankruptcy.

The initial SPARTA leadership team according to a post by The New Civil Right Movement's  David Badash includes:

Carl Able, USMC
Karl Alvarez, Air Force veteran
Jase Daniels, US Navy
Tanya Domi, Army veteran
Tania Dunbar, US Army
Christopher Hooper, US Navy
Jeremy Johnson, Navy veteran
Mark Mazzone, US Army
Beth Schissel, Air Force veteran
Julianne Sohn, Marine Corps veteran
Brynn Tannehill, Navy veteran

SPARTA has a Facebook page up and the website is being constructed. 

The other question being asked by many in the trans community is whether Allyson Robinson has been asked to join SPARTA or if she will have a role with the nascent organization.  

There also isn't word as to whether SPARTA will extend an invitation to TAVA, the decade old Transgender American Veterans Association to either join their ranks or work in partnership with them in future projects designed to speed up the day in which transperson can openly serve their country.  .

Welcome SPARTA.  May you live long, prosper and be wildly successful in your mission of advancing the cause of TBLG service members.

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