Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Repeat: Stop Looking At Being Trans As A Curse

I wrote the original post in reaction to seeing that tired meme expressed by a transperson in a discussion thread, and I've gotten some positive reactions and feedback from it.

So yep, I need to say this once again and keep repeating it until some of you get over your shame and guilt about being trans and stop wanting to hide. Stop looking at being trans as a curse 

As I stated in the closing paragraph of that December 2011 post:: 

It's past time that transpeople stop viewing being us as a curse.  If we want people to love and respect us, it may sound simplistic, but we have to start first with loving and respecting ourselves.  
Damn skippy.  And if you're going to love and respect yourself,  then we have to stop internalizing the shame, guilt and negativity that society has about being trans in the first place.

Hard to have or motivate yourself into having a positive life when you hate a God given characteristic of yourself you can't change. We are God's children and part of the diverse mosaic of human life. 

We are intelligent.  We are beautiful.  We are creative and talented.  Some of us just need to look in the mirror and like what you see staring back at you, have the faith to believe in our God given gifts and talents and use them to your own and the community's benefit.

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firefly said...

thanks monica,
nothing is more frustrating to me as when another trans person brings up "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" when a non-trans person points out their criticisms of transfolk. my being trans is not a sin, a mistake of creation, a defect of production, or any other inherently negative condition someone would care to attach to me.

I am a child of beauty and love who has to make an arduous journey to discover these truths about myself; truths that exist outside of the isms and schisms of doctors who for the most part have never shared my reality. if you are not someone who has found the beauty of yourself, please keep journeying.