Monday, July 15, 2013

Cheryl Calls Out Some Trans Haters

My trans elder Cheryl Courtney-Evans was forwarded a link to the Anti-Intellect blog post about the Chad Johnson-Amiyah Scott photo that decried the rampant transphobia in the comments and blog posts about it that is sadly a staple of the Black gossip blogosphere.

Cheryl took it a step further in her abitchforjustice post entitled 'Whites AREN'T The ONLY People Who Can Be Bigots!' and put some of the more egregious transphobic offenders on blast.  

Here's a taste of it:

Example: "'s not that people are Homophobic. IT'S THAT A LOT OF THIS [THESE] TRANNYS take pictures with celebrity men then go on the blogs and radio and say they are fucking, Chingy for example, he took a couple of pics with a tranny and she said they were dating. And people started calling Chingy gay and his career was over. IT'S NOT THE PEOPLE, IT'S THE TRANNYS TRYING TO PLAY GAMES. THEY DID THE SAME THING TO JOJO Simmons. They said he was trying to fuck on Twitter, and come to find out he didn't know it wasn't a woman. this [these] trannys are shady as fuck...". 
This gay man's rant first of all separates transgenders from humanity ("'s not the people, it's the trannys..." as if transgenders aren't 'people'). Then he's automatically assuming that it has to be a falsehood that the celebs mentioned actually were romantically involved with the transgender women. BUT I'd be willing to BET if it were a gay person "outing" [NOT that it's right in either case] a celeb, he'd be licking his lips at the juicy details...and of course, the gay person didn't "trick" the guy (how easily they forget the defendants who use the "panic" defense when they've murdered or assaulted a gay man)...
And some of the women who posted were especially hateful. It was even interesting how some posts started off innocent [positive] enough, to deliver a "zinger" (example: "I think everyone should be respected. Playing dress up and getting your dick cut off does not make you a woman." To this, I say, "WTF??") Even posters who were expressing like 'allies' were guilty of erroneous pronoun usage in other replies.

You can check out the rest of Cheryl's post by clicking this link.

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