Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Possible Trans Woman Killed In My Houston Backyard

The latest possible anti-trans violence case may be in my H-town backyard.

Sunday morning according to a Houston Chronicle story a call was received by HPD homicide detectives at 8:45 AM about a body in Brickhouse Gully, near the 4100 block of Antoine just east of the Northwest Freeway, underneath a bridge.

The deceased person was found wearing what appears to be a black dress and panty hose in shallow water appearing to be about 3 inches deep.

But since the media did their usual job of muddying the waters (pun not intended) by claiming the body was a 'man dressed in women's clothes', won't know for certain for a few days if the deceased is actually a trans woman or not.

Two juveniles who found the body told someone else, who called the police.  An autopsy has been scheduled, and the case is still under investigation. 

According to a KHOU-TV story the person appears to have been assaulted either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Anyone with information on the person's identity or what happened is urged to call HPD Homicide at 713-308-3600.

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