Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Renee's Birthday Again!

It's July 11, and longtime readers of this blog know what that means.  

It's time for my annual birthday post celebrating the day the founding editor of Womanist Musings and my homegirl Renee Martin arrived on this planet north of the 49th parallel.

But this birthday post has a little different tone to it this year because of the frightening news I received from the Unhusband last month that she'd had a serious health setback.

She's recovering and working her butt off now along with the folks at the rehab hospital who are just as determined as she is to help her get better.  She's also armed with her tablet, so please continue to say your prayers and send your well wishes to her and her family.

But a world without Renee's blog commentary or one in which I don't get to pick up the phone and talk to her on a regular basis on a wide range of subjects is too painful to even comprehend. 

So this birthday for my Timmy's Ice Capp drinking Coach purse loving homegirl is a special one. 

Renee's made it through another 365 days (366 in a leap year) and a challenging month to celebrate it.  Those of us who love her are ecstatic that she's still in this plane of existence with us to enjoy it, say 'Happy Birthday' to her and let her know how much she is loved by us.

And yes, she is another year closer to a milestone birthday of her own (snicker, snicker).

Naw Renee, don't think I forgot about what you wrote last year.  I have 365 days to contemplate what to write when you hit your own milestone birthday next year. 

I have every confidence in the world you and by extension all of us who love you will be blessed enough to have you here next July to read it. 

Love you sis, and Happy Birthday, Renee!

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