Friday, July 12, 2013

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 33-Time To Sail The Cyberocean Blue

The hardworking crew of the USS Monica has been on liberty call, and now it's time to take her out of port on another mission of dropping 50 megatons of knowledge on some poor deluded fool who steeped loud and wrong to me in the comment threads.

The latest target for irradiation is Bakatak, who took the time to write this comment on my 'I Repeat:: White People Doing Blackface Drag Is Not Acceptable, Period!' post that got caught in the spam filter  

Well if you want to play that game, Michael Jackson going white face is extremely racist to us "whiteface" folk.

Also if I ever see a black person dressing up as any "white" character I will take it as a form of racism.

This argument is fucking stupid and the reason racism persists. Who the fuck cares? Let a black person go white face, or white person go black face, let Asians go red face, who the fuck cares?

If my favorite character is a black man from a movie/show and you call me racist for going as them for halloween, well then I have a big middle finger for you.


(Doing Yoda impression)  The vanillacentric privilege and ignorance is strong with this one.

Are you really this stupid?   Yeah, obviously you are since you demonstrated your limited vocabulary by dropping multiple f-bombs in this short commentary.

Let's start the fun by ripping apart your ridiculous attempt at an analogy you utterly failed to execute in terms of trying to insert Michael Jackson into your comment about my post slamming blackface.  

Michael Jackson wasn't doing whiteface, he suffered from a medical condition called vitiligo. 

And since you're watching too much Fox Noise, racism= prejudice plus systemic power.  That a concept you should have retained but obviously didn't from Sociology 101.

Racism is not an all purpose insult pissed off white person flings back at Black person (or any non-white person) who calls them out on their perpetually nekulturny and bigoted behavior.  

FYI fool, there is no such thing and never will be as 'reverse racism' because in this world only white people have the power to turn their prejudices and bigotry into repressive legislation and stall, retard or roll back the forward progress of minority groups.  

That's probably why you're so 'scurred' that US white peeps will be a minority in this country by 2050.  You're deathly afraid non-whites will do unto you what you keep doing unto us.  

And I warned peeps in that post not to bring up the Wayans Brothers and you tried Moni anyway. (Moni takes off velvet gloves and cracks knuckles) 

The Wayans Brothers tired performance in White Chicks is not even in the same galaxy as blackface and the 180 years of negative racist history it carries.

No, you're stupid for even surfing over to this blog to make such a logic defying asinine statement that calling out racism is the reason racism exists.   Racism exists because white people like yourself are desperate to hold onto by any means necessary that five century grip on power like a wino clutching his last bottle of MD 20/20.  You also still refuse to acknowledge that white privilege and the white supremacist attitudes you  marinate in exist and you're cluelessly (or willfully ignorant in your case) about the deleterious effect of whiteness and white supremacy on non-whites because you've never been on the receiving end of it. 

You white folks really hate it when people of color tell y'all you CAN'T do something. 

Since it's obvious reading comprehension is not your strong suit, I'm gong to point this breathtakingly simple concept that even your conservafool mind should understand.  

Our cultures are not a costume you put on for your people's amusement or entertainment.

We've repeatedly told you it's disrespectful, racist and dehumanizing for any white person to do blackface, you arrogantly keep pushing the issue and then want to cry, gripe and moan when a world of hurt comes down on your asses when you get called out for it.

So go sit your ass down, turn off the right wing talk radio and Fox Noise, sulk in the corner and if your capable of hard solid thinking, marinate on that reality for a moment.. 

Yeah, you're definitely a bigot for starters.  If you voted GOP, you qualify as a racist oppressor. 

I have something else for besides my perfectly manicured middle finger extended in half a peace sign. 

Duck and cover fool, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke explodes.    


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