Sunday, July 14, 2013

Told Y'all

 George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin on Saturday, July 13, 2013. -- CNN
Told y'all this was how the trial in Sanford, FL was going to go down.  And to be honest, if it hadn't been for the protests last year, Zimmerman wouldn't have been arrested, much less even gone to trial in the first place.

Told y'all that The Seminole County, Florida jury with no Black people on it would find George Zimmerman not guilty.   I predicted that on Thursday even before I heard the closing argument of Mark O'Meara Friday.  

After the defense delivers their closing argument tomorrow and the case goes to the jury, what Black America fears is the visual when that jury comes out of deliberation and delivers the verdict in front of the unblinking eye of the media's television cameras, a 'not guilty' verdict will be read.

We will then in Black America have to painfully watch as George Zimmerman exhales, cheers and he, his family and friends plaster cheesy grins all over their faces in victory while Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon's brother Jahvaris Fulton and their family, friends and supporters have stunned or disconsolate looks on their faces as the sickening realization sinks in that Zimmerman just got away with murdering their loved one.

Can you say 'nullification' people?   Thought you could.

If you thought I was kidding or being overly partisan about saying the GOP and conservatism is the political arm of white supremacy and FOX Noise is its megaphone, congratulations, last night was your wake up call

And yep folks, now that Georgie boy got off for killing Trayvon Martin, next task for white supremacy AKA the conservafool movement and their FOX Noise megaphone is coming to the rescue of Michael Dunn

Last Thanksgiving weekend he shot and killed 17 year old Jordan Davis in Jacksonville for the crime of being in an SUV in a gas station parking lot in which music was played that was too loud to this white man's tastes.  Expect the conservative demonizing of Davis to start as soon as the trial date gets closer.

Anyone want to lay early odds that Dunn gets acquitted in that case? 

As Marissa Alexander painfully found out, 'Stand Your Ground' wasn't designed by ALEC for Black people with guns, only white ones.  

Darrsie Jackson (center) reacts after hearing the verdict of not guilty in the trial of George Zimmerman with her children Linzey Stafford(left), 10, and Shauntina Stafford, 11.I wanted to be proven wrong on this Zimmerman case.  I wanted to tell myself that my cynical reaction based on a lifetime of not too pleasant interactions with whiteness and white supremacy in America wasn't warranted.  I wanted to believe that it's the justice system and not the 'Just-us' system.  I wanted to believe that a Black life is just as valuable in the United States as a white one.
The courtroom in Sanford, FL and that verdict just pretty much verified and summed up what I've been saying for seven years on this blog in various ways when I talk about race, race relations, whiteness and white supremacy. 

Whiteness and white supremacy trumps Black lives.   It also made me ponder once again if elements of white people really believe what Chief Justice Roger B. Taney wrote in the Dred Scott v Sandford case back on March 6, 1857 and that's what you really think of us.

"...beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect."

Do I or any other African-American have no rights you as a white person are bound to respect?  That's the message the Zimmerman jury verdict sent last night.

So no, I don't want to hear the bull feces about this case 'wasn't a race issue', this wasn't a Black-White issue or 'I'm tired of these Black-white issues' or 'I'm tired of identity politics'.   Not today, tomorrow, the rest of this week, the rest of this month or the rest of this year. 

This case was most certainly was about race.  White supremacy has been fracking with African descended people for over 400 years and isn't showing any signs of slacking off or getting tired of coming up with new ways of accomplishing the task.

And for those of you Black people who irrationally hate on me and other Black transpeople, y'all better chill with that shyt right now.   It's nation time and we Black people of all varieties have work to do
As I've told your clueless behinds more than a few times Black trans issues are Black community issues and now more than ever we need to close ranks and unite.

They see my Black skin first before the trans issue even comes up.  Exhibit A of that is CeCe McDonald, who is in a Minnesota prison on a 41 month sentence for the crime of being a Black Trans Person Walking and defending herself against a white supremacist.  The white female who instigated the attack only received 180 days in jail.

That unjust Zimmerman case verdict basically said that Black kids, and especially Black male kids like Trayvon Martin can be shot and killed with impunity by white people.   But don't you Black people dare do it to our precious white kids or else

Don't even try coming on here in the comment threads and pointing out Zimmerman is half Latino.  You will get clowned, called out and embarrassed.  He wasn't claiming that half Latino heritage the night he got out of his car and hunted down and killed Trayvon. 

Neither was he claiming that heritage as he basked in the vanillacentric privileged glow of his father Robert Zimmerman, Sr., white folks gleefully rushed to his defense and showered him with defense fund cash in six figure amounts during this entire sorry episode.

Even now you vanillacentric privilege wielding peeps are all over the Net either gloating about this verdict, spewing racist comments or trying to whitesplain and justify a grown ass white man man killing an unarmed 17 year old Black child.   So George Zimmerman is all yours. Can't throw him under the bus now because he's a concrete example of and a window into what whiteness and white supremacist thinking does to you peeps and deep down what you really think about us.

But the people I really feel for at this moment are Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.  Keep them and their family in your prayers. 

But while Zimmerman won this legal battle, the legal war will continue.   The feds haven't weighed in on this case yet, and you can bet there will be a civil lawsuit he'll have to deal with.  

After you finish venting, do what I will do.  Wake up, get organized, and prepare for the legal, political and civic engagement battle we must now wage to total victory over the forces of whiteness and white supremacy which are ensconced in their political arm, AKA the Republican Party. 

You want to get justice for Trayvon?  Vote the GOP bastards out in your state or area who support or voted for Stand Your Ground and voter suppression laws.  Vote out unjust Teapublican judges, DA's and prosecutors. Vote out Republifool congressmembers and senators in the 2014 midterms and beyond.  Vote for candidates who will stand up for human rights and justice for all people. If you don't see those candidates, run for office your damned self.

Get control of your state legislatures and Congress back and fix what dictatorial Republican control and a conservative Supreme Court broke.  

The struggle continues. So we have to be just as tough minded about taking on whiteness and white supremacy.  And we as African descended people in America have to deal with the reality that just about everything in America sociopolitically is a Black-White issue, has been for over 400 years and must be analyzed first from that context.  

Until we (and White people too) deal with the reality that America is still dealing with (or refusing to deal with) the poisonous post-traumatic aftereffects of slavery, with one of the prime ones being the devaluing of Black life, we are not going to even begin to make progress on permanently changing the negative paradigm.


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