Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Goes Off

MSNBC host Thomas RobertsToo bad I didn't see this when it was first broadcast Monday morning, but thanks to the magic of video, I get to see it now.

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts launched into a rant calling out the conservafools favorite disparaging talking points to 'other' people, and challenged his network to do more to debunk them.

“When we talk about these laws, don’t we need to do more about our social contract with each other in this country when it comes to being ‘others’?” the MSNBC host asked. “Because when we look at this we can use this as a great pivot point to talk about race relations in this country. But being an ‘other,’ whether it’s LGBT — because you’re then suspected of being a pedophile and a rabid disease carrier. And if you are a woman, well, you certainly don’t have a right to your own body and your own reproductive health. Because if you do then you’re just a slut who wants to sleep around and use abortion as birth control. And then if you’re Hispanic, you’re just a taker, you’re not a maker, and you want to come here and have anchor babies and you just want to lay off the land [sic].”

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