Thursday, July 04, 2013

5 Million Hits!

(singing) 5...5 million..5 million blog hits!

Thank you TransGriot readers for helping me reach another blogging milestone as of 2:43 AM today.CDT.  

And how apropos it happened on July 4,  our nation's Independence Day?

Who knew when I started this blog seven years ago that it would be considered a must read one and I'd reach this milestone?

I remember the days I was happy when I'd look at the hit counter and see 500 people read what I posted that day.  All I was trying to do at the time was ensure the voice of African-American transpeople were heard on issues of importance to us inside and outside our community and from time to time comment on the world as I saw it.

Mission accomplished.   But it's still an ongoing mission.   Thank you for reading and telling me how much you appreciate me and what I write here.   Thanks to those of you who drop some change from time to time in my electronic tip jar in the upper left hand corner or send links to stories that you think need to be covered.

I deeply appreciate those of you who spend your day reading and telling your friends about TransGriot.  It's been a major part of my success.   Me being blessed with writing talent and not being 'scurred' to call crap out when necessary doesn't hurt either.

So now that TransGriot has passed this milestone with your help, on to the next one of 5.5 million hits.  

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