Friday, December 12, 2008

Dr. Ousterhout Planning To Retire In 2011

If you're thinking about getting facial feminization surgery from Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, better do it before 2011.

The pioneer of facial feminization surgery is planning to retire, according to comments posted on the Transsexual Road Map website attributed to his office manager Mira Coluccio.

Dr. O as he's affectionately known in the transgender community, is the author of the book Aesthetic Contouring of the Craniofacial Skeleton. He's penning an upcoming book about FFS written for a lay audience and holds an MD as well as a DDS degree.

He is a great friend and a wonderful ally to our community, and his surgical skills have been utilized by many in our community to help them not only look better, but feel better about themselves.

Hopefully, he'll pass on his knowledge to another colleague or younger doctor willing to take on the challenge.


Dale said...

I seem to recall that he is rather pricey, but does outstanding work.

His retirement will be a real loss to the community.

Monica Roberts said...

That it will be....

Melania said...

He is pricey but it's worth every penny. My face was the best thing I did for my whole transition, period.
It pays off daily since the first thing people see is your face.

carolyn said...

I am fortunately scheduled to have surgery with Dr. O in Jan. 2009.

Monica Roberts said...

Good luck Carolyn, and tell us about the experience.

carolyn said...

Hi Monica

My surgery is the 14th Jan. and I need some time to recover. So I can probably first post a photo about the middle of Feb.

ciao ciao