Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Catholic Church Is STILL Hatin' on Transgender People

What the frack is wrong with the old Nazi who's running thangs in the Catholic Church?

Of all the things going wrong in the world these days that he could have taken the time in his Christmas speech to call attention to, he chose to call transgender people a threat to humanity?

But then again, with Paul McHugh, one of the transgender community's longtime haters advising him, I knew that the anti-transgender rhetoric was only going to get progressively worse.

I also have to consider the source of these irrational comments as well. These are the same peeps who 400 years ago persecuted Galileo for daring to suggest that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around, so it takes a little while for science to catch up with Catholic religious dogma.

Gee, didn't know that transpeople fighting to live their lives around the world was such a threat to a bunch of sexually repressed old men chilling in the Vatican.

You idiots have far more in common with fundie christians than living the actual teachings of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for sharing that message this holiday season, Pope Benedict.


Polar said...

Rat-Zinger? He was a Nazi, indeed, and he is also one of those who tried to paper over the little-boy-buggering scandal. At least he's on the far side of 80, so he ain't gonna be zingin' rats too much longer. I'm glad I'm not Catholic, and I cannot imagine any Catholic respecting him.

Monica Roberts said...

He's been listening too much to Paul McHugh as well

Jack said...

i find it appalling that you and your writings... and comments such as "(the pope) is a nazi!".. might be the only transgendered voice some will hear.
some people will certainly stumble upon this page from pure accident and this is the light you want to 'shine' in?
he is a nazi!??

the next time your response is to jump up in arms over the comments and beliefs of others...

It would be helpful to remember what is we seek.
aren't we seeking a live-let-live world... where everyone is free to follow their own heart... their own faith.. their own beliefs - without being attacked and judged?

isn't it Tolerance we want?
or are those just words thrown together with no real meaning.
where is the action behiind those words?
i do not see it, not here, not on this page or the few i have read.

and sadly...
how is it anyone can possibly expect to receive something - that they themselves refuse are not willing to give?

Monica Roberts said...

The facts are that Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth.

The Catholic Chuch under the influence of transhater Dr. Paul McHugh as a Vatican advisor has taken an anti transgender stance.

I noticed that you had no comment about the vile speech he made, but want to criticize me for calling his azz out for blaming transpeople for the ills of the world.

Bottom line is that I have two words to say to those of you 'defenders of intolerance' who get your panties in a bunch over what I or anyone else has to say about Papa Nazi in response to the Catholic Church's naked transphobia.

Auf wiedersehen

Jack said...

my point was actually shown in the way you choose to take one aspect of a person's past - or specific policies of a group you yourself are not familiar with nor follow - but with hateful words come out with a stream of general well, meanness and hate are words that come to mind.

now whether The current Pope was involved in the Nazi youth as a youngster, I'd have to research that and/or hear his story about it. I believe if you were to look at the entire population of his age at that time period and geographic location, you'll find some fine, loving, gentile and unprejudiced men and women today.

As a child I remember throwing rocks behind my backyard.. aiming at their pool.
why? no clue. just something to occupy myself at 7.
so if I was today called a rock-throwing anti-pool person - well that would be an incorrect summation of the person I am today and the beliefs I now hold.

Now of course There are many, many things people of The Church have committed under the guise of "god and religion" and how very sad that is. Pop John Paul II did his best to apologize for the times people in Church authority forced them selves upon the beliefs and lives of those they had no business doing... as well as for the times action was needed but not carried out.

Now that's about The Pope. I hadn't wanted to have a debate on Catholicism but wanted to draw attention omn the way it was done. That is why there was 'no comment' as you mentioned.

Now what I was trying to get across to you personally was that hate towards a group of people in general, is no different from society's hate and ignorance towards the individual transgendered.
Lets say someone has lived their whole life in cities and places were only other white people lived. The first black person They encounter - whether from reading their blog or meeting them in a store or what have you. That may in fact be the Only black person they will ever meet! So if they are spilling hatred towards a church, or towards any other group - doesn't matter which - That will be the impression they will now carry for the rest of their lives and to their children and so on.

I find that kindness, especially to those I feel hate me for no reason except that I am different, THAT in it's self makes a difference, or has a higher chance of doing so then matching hate or ignorance with more of the same.

That is why I felt compelled to write - to leave a message that day for you... I was thinking about those people who through a movie or Oprah or whatever, it doesn't matter what peaked their attention - but if they googled and popped up to that specific page - They'd have found hate. And sweeping generalizations and judgments.
Reminds me of The St. Patrick's Parade. To me, the Community blew it. Why take that moment, when people are watching from all walks of life, and for them again might be seeing their only view of the transgendered or the gay or lesbian population. And so do we walk dressed in our best suits or dresses? With understanding that we are indeed marching in a Saint Patrick's Parade.... a parade for a much beloved saint? So men where one pink feather strategically placed (I guess it'd have to be a rather large feather, yes?) and giving 'them' the show and the ammo not to undo society's ignorant impressions - but to reinforce them.

And that saddens me.
and I gave you credit you see, in knowing that it's indeed worse than hard to be who we are - who ever that happens to be in a world that fears differences. my theory is that our differences scares them into thinking one day their own differences will then be some how known as well.

Also, despite it's common belief, Catholicism does not call the transgendered person a sinner - being who they are has never been a cause of sin.
nor is being lesbian or gay.
That is a truth.
Like most of the world, It neither states this is in the DNA, congenital and beyond anyone's control - only a few priests after hearing many a confession believe it to be anything by an uncontrollable fact.
but like everyone else... how is our character?
who are we as people?
do we pray to understand or to be understood?

Whenever we take the higher road, whenever we are honest with ourselves with God and with our fellow human beings, it is only then that our life's journey has finally begun. The pretending to be 'normal', the acting like the daughter or son they wanted, etc. Lies and untruths are mere wastes of time.
I am happy to see you no longer feel the false need to hide and pretend to be anything but true. That was a big step for us all.Monica Roberts
But when we condemn others for things in their past, we only condemn ourselves.
It's like driving... have you ever yelled at 'some idiot' for pulling out right in front of you - but deep inside you know you've done it yourself, yet still the insults fly out of our mouths quicker than the "I've done that - so I will show mercy and let it go by without a word'. That is maturity, that is love.
that is what I strive for in this life.
I wish you the same peace and joy I wish for all of us.
may this letter clear up any misunderstandings my comment might have caused.
I only wanted to bring this point to the attention of you, and to whoever else might be reading it.

for I remember the following story: "I was going to commit suicide when I finally got home. Was taking the bus home to do so while feeling sad that it had come to this... he had left me... I was all alone... I couldn't live all alone... Then a woman got on the bus and as she walked past me to a seat she smiled at me... not a smirk or half-smile, but a sincere warm smile.
I didn't kill myself that night. that lady... because of her I realized not all people were bad... that I might just make it thru after all.
point: we never know what others are thinking or needing at that very moment. a smile, a kind look or word literally continues on - the same as hate does.
Man has bad day at work, walks into his house to a drunk wife and 2 screaming teenagers... he goes to the bar, yells for a beer, the bartender yells back... hate or kindness. both take on lives of their own.

Peace to you Monica

- Jack

P.S. I hope you will feel free to write me anytime concerning transgendered or Catholics issue - please know we are not enemies, but given the same to carry thru this life, in that way we are very much of the same cloth.

Monica Roberts said...

The anger over the Catholic Church's anti-transgender comment I express that day isn't hate.

Learn to tell the difference.

I'm tired of people with privilege surfing over here to tell me that I can't express my anger over an issue, or claiming that I'm expressing hate' for doing so.

Wanna know what hate is? walk in my pumps as a transgender woman for a moment and tune in to that so called Christmas message for the leader of a major world religion that condemns people like myself.

Wana know what hate is? Have people that dislike you simply because you weren't born white.