Monday, December 15, 2008

'Dirty Sexy Money' Cancelled

The number of transgender characters on network TV is rapidly dwindling. First our honorary transwoman Rebecca Romijn broke the news in addition to her pregnancy that she is leaving Ugly Betty over creative issues with her Alexis Meade character.

Y'all know I hated the Dontrelle character on ABC's Big Shots even though I like Jazzmun, the actress who plays her.

Now comes the news that Candis Cayne may be looking for a new acting gig since Dirty Sexy Money is being cancelled. She plays Carmelita on that ABC show.

ABC is planning to produce and run the shows contracted for this season, but after that, it's done unless they change their minds.

Hate hearing that because this show had a groundbreaking but simple concept. Have a transgender actress play a transgender character. Candis has also been a gracious and wonderful spokesperson about her life and our issues as she's done the numerous interviews about being a trailblazing transgender actress.

Looking forward to meeting her one day, and here's hoping that ABC changes their mind about the show.

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