Thursday, November 16, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks- Week 11

Been a crazy week in which I've been focused on stuff more important than the NFL right now.  But since this prognostication contest is part of my self care regimen and I do want to threepeat, that's why you see this post every Thursday. 

And yeah, still pissed at the owner of my local NFL franchise.

In a much better mood after Week 10's games went down.   I built my lead back in the 2017 prognostication up to three games after going 11-3  to end Mr. Watts's winning streak as he stumbled to a .500 week.

I'm ready to get to this week's NFL games.  This week features another international game, but this time in Mexico City instead of in Great Britain, a a clash between the New England Cheatriots Patriots and the Oakland Raiders.

Can I keep the positive momentum going toward the threepeat?    We're about to find out

Another 14 games with the Colts, 49ers, Jets and Panthers on their bye week.   My picks in bold print with the HOME team in caps.   Mike's Week 11 picks are here.

Week 10 Results                                                                2017 NFL Season 
TransGriot  11-3                                                                 TransGriot  93-53
Mike             7-7                                                                 Mike           90-56

Thursday Night Game 
STEELERS over Titans

Sunday Early Games
Cardinals over TEXANS
Jaguars over BROWNS
Buccaneers over DOLPHINS
PACKERS over Ravens
Lions over BEARS
Rams over VIKINGS
Chiefs over GIANTS
SAINTS over Washington

Sunday Afternoon Games
Bills over CHARGERS
Bengals over BRONCOS
Patriots over RAIDERS (Mexico City)

Sunday Night Game
Eagles over COWBOYS

Monday Night Game
Falcons over SEAHAWKS

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