Friday, November 17, 2017

Special PISD Board Meeting Today

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Today at noon the Pearland ISD is having a special board meeting. 

In the special board meeting announcement it says one of the issues being covered is 'to deliberate the duties of the Superintendent of Schools.'  Looks like they are probably going to be discussing the interesting revelations that surfaced last week concerning Pearland ISD superintendent John Kelly's son Patrick.

Patrick's now taken down Facebook page was a hot racist mess of white supremacist negativity aimed not only at various ethnic groups, but the transgender community as well.

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Dr. Kelly, while screeching about 'parental responsibility' on his PISD website blogs, has also made some homophobic and transphobic remarks, and was also in Austin back in March gleefully testifying in favor of an SB 6 bill that would oppress many of his students in the rapidly diversifying city and school district.

While Dr. Kelly has been loud and proud about demonizing Kai Shappley and the TBLGQ community, he's been cricket chirping silent about the allegations concerning his own white supremacist son as PISD parents increasingly want to know what is going on with the man tasked to oversee the district in which their children are being educated.

Pearland Independent School District
So it's going to be interesting to see what transpires at the end of this special school board meeting and if some statement comes out of 1928 N. Main St.

TransGriot Update:  As I suspected would be the case,  nothing happened.  As long as the conservafools have majority control of the PISD board,  no accountability will be forthcoming to John Kelly

It's up to progressive PISD parents to clean house on that board and vote Kelly's allies off of it.

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