Friday, November 24, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- 2017 Post Turkey Day Edition

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Know some of you like I am are still feasting on your Thanksgiving leftovers or were out and about trying to take advantage of the post Thanksgiving Day sales./

I know I want to hit some more turkey, but first I need to handle my Friday TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards business and carve up some jive turkeys.

And this week I'm going to make it short sweet and to the point.

danica roemThis week's winner is a group award for the Republican Majority leadership in the Virginia House of Delegates

Seems as though Del-Elect Danica Roem taking out their self proclaimed' homophobe in chief' Bigot Bob Marshall to become the first out trans person elected to that chamber, has still got them shook up and looking for ways to try to insult her without looking like the transphobic azzholes they really are.

For hundreds of years, the Virginia House of Delegates have addressed each other in the chamber as 'Gentleman' or Gentlewoman'   Now when the new session starts they will refer to all members as 'Delegates

Yeah, y'all ain't slick.  We know why you are making this change, and it isn't because you wish to respectfully use gender neutral language.    You are doing this, because you don't want to refer to Del-Elect Roem as 'The Gentlewoman from Prince William'

Roem as usual, was classier than her GOP opponents.  What matters the most to the people of the 13th District is that the woman they elected to serve them will be working on their behalf,” she said.

"I will be the delegate from Prince Williams, and I will conduct myself as the gentlewoman from Prince William while I am in Richmond and in any other official capacity in which I serve.".  

We see you VA GOP transphobes.  And I have something yo call you:  transphobic fools

So let's do this.   Republican VA house of Delegates leadership, shut up fools! , 

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