Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Turkey Day 2017

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Well, the planet is still here for now and we've made it to Thanksgiving 2017 despite 45.

One thing we can definitely give thanks for is that Trump hasn't blown the planet up yet as he continues to piss off Kim Jong Fool and the Iranians

For those of you breaking break with your families, be they your blood or chosen family members,  consider yourself blessed in that regard. 

I'm also thankful that I have a few options on the table in terms of choosing where I get to eat today.  I'm also thinking about the people who don't.   If you can, open your dinner table to someone who will probably be alone on this day.

Going to take a well deserved chill out day.  If something inspires me to write that I must put up as a post, you'll probably see it.   But more likely I'll be back to doing my normal posting schedule tomorrow. 

If you are traveling either a short distance or across the country for that Thanksgiving dinner, may the dinner be  tasty, you company be enjoyable, and you have safe travels to and from your final destination.

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