Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veterans Day 2017 Trans Vets!

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I have much love and respect for our trans vets as people who have not only served in our military, once they left the service, they took those leadership lessons they learned in the military to help build our community and advance our human rights .

So on this 2017 edition of Veterans Day, which is occurring at a time the Chump Trump Administration wants to keep trans people from serving in the biggest baddest military on our planet,  I want to say thank you to all the 15,500 trans siblings currently on active duty across the planet, and those who spent time in the various branches of the service doing their part to serve our country.

While others revile you, I am inspired by you.   I am deeply appreciative of the fact that because of you, I have the freedoms I do to not only live my unapologetically out and proud trans life, I get to call people out on a regular basis up to and including the POTUS and not be jailed for it (yet).

You know as I do that when a socially reviled group gains acceptance in military circles, the advancement of their human rights in American society swiftly follows.  It's why I stand with you in opposing Trump's military ban and the conservafools are desperately trying to enact it.

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Some of you are blazing trails within our military and reaching new leadership heights within the various service branches.   Others of you are doing the educating and advocacy work inside the military about what we trans folks can do while serving our country. 

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Thank you also for taking the time to be leaders in our community.  Some of you blazed trails while doing so.  You created our pride flag.  You helped organize conferences that set the parameters on how we talk about and advocate for our issues and organized lobby days.   You founded organizations that pushed the trans human rights agenda forward.  Others of you through bold actions took down unjust anti-0trans laws and policies.

And many of you trans vets continue to do so today. 
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Happy Veterans Day!   Thank you for your service to our country and our community.  You are #TransExcellence personified

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