Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Not Happy With SHAPE (And Some Peeps) Right Now

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I spent a long frustrating day waiting for a meeting to happen that finally took place at the S.H.A.P.E Community Center Almeda location at 7 PM with myself, and Ashton Wood and Kandice Webber of BLMHOU in attendance.

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The hate event is still happening at SHAPE Center as I write this, and if it does, will definitely be getting protested.

But the thing I'm most angry about is the seemingly cavalier dismissal of just how problematically bad Wesley Muhammad and his ignorant hate message is and the concern in Houston Black trans, bi and SGL World about it.

You can put a disclaimer on the website and posters that Muhammad's view don't represent SHAPE Center's values.  But by letting him rent your property for the event, you tacitly endorsed those hateful views.

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We see Muhammad's hate event it as an attack upon us.  I'm also pissed off about the timing of it, falling right during Trans Awareness Week just before our local TDOR memorial events. 

And yeah Nation of Islam, where you at?

The Houston Black TBLGQ community and our allies are royally pissed about this.  The animus between the Black community and Black TBLGQ community building since the 2014 HERO passage and subsequent repeal led by the Harris County GOP in concert with sellout Black ministers is a factor.

So what is going to need to happen is a 'come to Jesus' meeting or series of meetings between the Houston Black TBLGQ community and the Houston Black community at large once Wesley's NOI flavored hate carnival leaves town.

How, where, and who shows up at that come to Jesus meeting is still being determined, but one thing I can definitively state is that it's long overdue.

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