Monday, November 27, 2017

Moni Needs Some Help.....

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You  longtime TransGriot readers know that I don't like asking for help unless I really need it, but this qualifies as one of those times.

Because I had two speaking engagements cancel on me in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it threw my finances into chaos for a few weeks   I managed to get everything straightened out except one bill and that on my storage unit.

I had some promised help fall through at the last minute, which is why I'm putting up this last minute appeal now.   It's a storage unit that contains a lot of trans history like my papers and awards like the Virginia Prince that if I don't get the balance on it down to zero by 11;30 AM CST tomorrow, at noon it goes up for auction.

Need to raise $750 to get the balance current, and the clock's ticking. 

I do have a link to my PayPal account on my TransGriot blog, and I do have Facebook Pay   Also don't mind making a trip to the nearest Wal-Mart for their walmart moneytransfer if you prefer to do it that way.   I just need to get it done before 11:30 AM tomorrow. 

Whatever you can spare, it's deeply appreciated..

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