Saturday, November 25, 2017

Finding Fashionable Heels Is A Pain For Tall Girls

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As many of my friends and readers know, it took me a while to get to that point, but I'm proud of being 6'2" and being on #TeamTallGirl.  Like my mother, I love shoes.   Unlike her, as a consequence of being on Team Tall Girl, bigger feet come with this body. 

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And yes, tall girls don't want to wear flats all the time.  We like that sexy fashion forward pair of heels to walk in even if it puts at NBA center height to rock 3-4 inch heels. 

And you shorter girls cis and trans don't make it any easier.  Nikki Loyd teases me from time to time about her size 9 feet.  I have several petitte trans Latina friends who wear single digit shoe sizes, and one wears a size 7. 

One of my cis homegirls who was a gal pal of mine back in the late 90's is six feel tall.  Tracy rubbed it in every chance she got that she wore a size 10.   That is until she had her daugher in 2000 and gained a full shoe size. 

Karma is a you know what, huh?

Most shoe stores stop at size 10, so I don't even waste time heading into those discount shoe places.  Many department stores also stop at size 10, with a few size 11's and size 12's in their storage rooms.

Same with some of the online show outlets.   Even Zappos, which I have had some success finding shoes in the past, only carries some brands of them to size 11.  I also like Long Tall Sally's, but they start at $75 for many of their shoes.  There are also collections on Zappos that you will pay starting in the $100 range and up for them in the larger sizes, and they all go fast.
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It's why we have the running joke in Trans World that Payless is the Trans Woman's Best Friend' (and tall girls) when it comes to finding fashion forward shoes..  When Payless announced they were heading into bankruptcy, that sent shockwaves through all us trans fashionistas who depend on them to augment our shoe closets.   Fortunately for moi, the Payless locations I faithfully hit for my shoes are still open.

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But it's still torture when I'm out shopping, I see a nice shoe that I like that is in my price range, but it's not in my size.

Note to shoe manufacturers.  Fashion forward doesn't stop at size 10.   Many of us fashionistas in double digit shoe territory love heels, too.     . 

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