Monday, November 13, 2017

Minnesota Republican State Legislator Unleashes Anti-Trans Tweet

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Not everyone in the Land of 10,000 Lakes thought that Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham's historic Minneapolis City Council seat wins were something wonderful to celebrate. 

Minnesota state Rep.Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) did what Republicans do and deployed the anti-trans hatred when asked about it.

mary franson tweet Republican Rep. Franson Criticized For Anti Transgender Tweet
On Wednesday she unleashed this transphobic Tweet from her now deactivated account.

The Minnesota LGBTQ Legislative Caucus quickly fired back in a letter to their transphobic colleague

It is a shame to read on social media a statement by a public official that perpetuates a false and pejorative stereotype about transgender people.

We encourage our colleague, Representative Mary Franson, to get the facts and to get to know transgender people herself. She will quickly learn that, as the American Psychological Association says, being transgender is not a mental illness. Problems arise for transgender people from lack of support and acceptance that creates the path for discrimination, and all too often assault, that almost all transgender people experience at one time or another. When leaders who hold positions of respect casually trade in negative comments about transgender people, some interpret that as an invitation to treat their fellow Minnesotans poorly.

Our job as state legislators and policy makers is to ensure that there is as much opportunity as possible in Minnesota so that all people can pursue their dreams and aspirations. Putting barriers in place for anyone, doing active harm to our own neighbors, is antithetical to our country’s core values – a place where everyone is free and everyone is equal. We all are better off when people are able to contribute the best of themselves in every Minnesota community.

We celebrate that two transgender people, Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins, both with deep and broad experience, have stepped up to public service and won election to the Minneapolis City Council. In Virginia, we are delighted to welcome the first transgender member of a state legislature elected as an out transgender person, Danica Roem. We know that they all will serve their constituents with distinction and hard work.


Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin also called Franson out:

Minnesota made history Tuesday night. Voters elected the first two openly transgender African-American candidates to City Council in the nation. Republican Representative Franson’s hurtful remarks attempt to cheapen this historic victory and take the wind out of the sails of equality. We won’t let that happen,”
“In the face of divisive rhetoric at the national level, Minnesotans are doubling down in our efforts to ensure the diversity of our government reflects the diversity of our people. We are immensely proud of Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham. We know they will work tirelessly to serve the people they represent equally and without prejudice, unlike Representative Franson.”


Haters gotta hate.   Franson, sensing a backlash developing around her tweets, issued a non apology for it later.

Image result for phillipe cunningham and andrea jenkinsWouldn't be the first time a Republican hated on a trans woman for their own political gain, and probably won't be the last until they start losing their legislative seats with more frequency like Bigot Bob Marshall did in Virginia.

Councilmembers-elect Andrea Jenkins and  Phillipe Cunningham getting elected is a big deal to me, their constituents in Wards 4 and 8,  the DFL Party, to every Black trans person in the nation and everyone else inspired by their #BlackTransExcellence.

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