Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Number 22- RIP Candace Towns

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Woke up this morning to find out that we've lost our 22nd trans person to anti-trans violence in the person of 30 year old Candace Towns of Macon, GA.

Candace is also the 17th Black trans person we have lost this year to anti trans violence, and 16 of the 17 people were trans feminine.  Sadly she was just 30 years old.   She's the tenth Black trans person we've lost in 2017 who was age 30 or younger.

And as you probably guessed, the initial article by Laura Corley not only misgendered her, but also deadnamed Candace as well. 

Towns was staying at the Rodeway Inn on Eisenhower Parkway, was last seen alive Saturday,   and war reported missing on Sunday.   At 4 PM EDT Tuesday an anonymous 911 call was received  reporting a person was down at the end of a driveway and was possibly dead. 

A hearse is parked on Rosecrest Avenue near where a body was found in a driveway.
That person was our trans sister, and police arrived she was found shot to death on top of a hill on Rosecrest Avenue between  Bright Street and Edgewood Ave. 

This had not been Candace's first brush with anti-trans violence.   In July 2009 the Macon Telegraph reported that she'd been shot in the ankle on Pebble Street, a few blocks from when her body was found Tuesday afternoon.

As of this writing there are no suspects in this case, and if you have any information that will lead to the apprehension and incarceration of the killer, please call  Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68CRIME (1-877-682-7463)

No word of any memorial service or funeral arrangements as of yet.   I'll pass that info on as soon as I receive it.   I also will keep track of the case until justice is served for our sister to the satisfaction of her family and all who loved her..


Kid Adorable said...

I'm curious to as who you count in this 22. By most counts, this would be 24. Most organizations are not counting Symone Marie Jones (for reasons unknown) or Bubbles Bubblesynski (for lack of clarity it seems) which would actually bring it to 26. Is it the definition of anti-trans violence you are using? Are you not counting those killed by police such as Scout Schultz or Kiwi Herring? I saw a list from GLAAD after Stephanie Montez was announced that claimed 24 but only acknowledged 22 in article and list. I pointed this out but heard nothing back. I'm curious because I struggle with understanding how our community often recognizes individuals upon first account, and then names are silently dropped from lists without update or explanation available in news or from organizations. I'm just trying to do my best to be respectful of each person's memory. If you want to check names against my list, let me know. Thank you for all that you do.

Kiki said...

Hello Kid Adorable. I am Kitana Sanchez in Corpus Christi and I was wondering if you could update me on the correct number please. We are having a rally Saturday speaking up about transgender violence and I would like to have the correct data when speaking to the media. We are also speaking up about Stepahie Montez and the injustice occurring

Unknown said...

I hope I'm wrong but from what I can see this is 26 not 22.