Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017 Transgender Day Of Resources and Healthy Living

Hanging out at the Montrose Center checking out the 2017 edition of the Transgender Day of Resources and Healthy Living.

Dee Dee Watters organizes this event  which merges seminars with vendors providing healthcare related services, representatives of various Houston orgs like Organization Latina de Trans in Texas, Save our Sisters United, Inc, Lesbian Health Initiative, Kinship Care, Baylor College of Medicine, the Gender Infinity Conference, the Houston Intersex Society, PRIDE Portraits and Rice University to the Houston Trans community and our allies.

One of the reasons I'm writing about it is because the inaugural event in 2014 probably saved my life.  I hadn't been to the doctor in a while, and there were some TSU medical students there looking to do some testing on people.   I let them run some tests on me, and they determined that my blood pressure was elevated to the point that had it not been addressed. it could have led to me having a stroke.

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Some of the workshops are covering topics like self defense< media training and voice training just to name a few.

This years event is running from 10-2 PM at the Montrose Center and hope you can come and check it out.

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