Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Andrea Jenkins Makes History -Wins In Minneapolis

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The wonderful electoral night continues for the trans community as Andrea Jenkins overwhelmingly won her Minneapolis City Council Ward 8 seat and became the first out Black trans person to win elective office in the nation.

This city council race wasn't close.  Jenkins captured 73% of the votes in Minneapolis' ranked choice system, dwarfing the next closest contender by nearly 4000 votes 

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She also became with the win the first trans person of any ethnic background to capture a city council seat in a major city, and the first Black trans person since Althea Garrison in 1992 to win elective office. 

Congratulations Councilmember-elect Jenkins.  So proud of your historic win as well. 

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Mystere said...

*happy dancing* Let all the historic wins of this week provide the impetus needed to make 2018 a banner year for trans candidates and progressives everywhere!