Friday, June 16, 2017

World's Longest Trans Pride Flag Unfurled During LA Resist March

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I see my trans Latina sisters in LA have been busy once again with a new project in terms of creating the largest trans pride flag in the world just in time for the LA Pride Resist March that happened on Sunday.

This LA Resist march was attended by tens of thousands of people and many celebrities marching down Hollywood Boulevard

I confirmed with trans flag creator Monica Helms that the LA trans flag is officially the largest trans pride flag created so far in the world.  It is 25 feet 6 inches by 160 feet  (7.8 meters by 48.7 meters). It beats the Palm Springs trans pride flag by 1580 square feet  (146.8 square meters)
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The previous largest trans pride flags were for parades in Mexico City and most recently Palm Springs.

The now largest trans pride flag in the world was created by them and unfurled during the LA Resist March that was part of the series of Equality Marches that took place across the country on June 11.,

Congrats LA trans fam for creating the largest trans pride flag in the world.   But have a feeling another group somewhere on this planet is going to try to beat it.

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