Friday, June 09, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- Texas Blueberry Festival Edition

While I'm in Nacogdoches TX for this year's 9th annual edition of the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit, it isn't the only event taking place in this East Texas college town this weekend.   We also have the 28th annual Texas Blueberry Festival taking place tomorrow.

The main street of historic downtown Nacogdoches will have events from a bluegrass music concert to a 5K run as the expected 19,000 people descend on the town to enjoy the fun and blueberry infused treats as we chill on the Stephen F Austin State University campus plot the next phases of the trans movement.

I still haven't forgotten that I have the  Friday business of calling some fools out.

Honorable mention one is Donald Trump for pick an outrage.

Honorable mention number two is Houston homophobe Dave Wilson, who went on FOXNoise26 and made some nasty remarks about the upcoming Houston Pride parade

Honorable mention number three we go across The Pond for in British Prime Minister Theresa May.
She called a snap election three years before she was mandated to in an attempt to get a Conservative Party ruling majority and it resulted in a hung parliament in which she will now have to form a coalition government in order for the Conservatives to remain in power.

Honorable mention number four tis Josh Duggar, for having the faux faith based hypocritical balls to sue because he's upset that peeps found out he molested his sisters and cousin.

This week's winner is Gov. Greg Abbott,

Image result for greg abbott special session
He caved to Lt Gov. 'Potty Dan' Goeb Patrick and called a special oppression session that will take place on July 18 and cost this state's taxpayer's $800,000 to basically try to pass the bad Texas GOP that deservedly failed during the just concluded regular session..

And that means once again we'll have to go to Austin to fight Texas GOP legislative oppression that is happening simply to enhance his GOP gubernatorial primary prospects.

Greg Abbott, shut up fool! .


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