Monday, June 26, 2017

SB 4 Federal Court Hearing Today

Protestors gather in front of the Federal Courthouse in San Antonio to voice their opposition to SB 4, on Monday June 26, 2017. Photo: Bob Owen, San Antonio Express-News / San Antonio Express-News
The first round of federal court hearing in the fight to kill the unjust and racist SB 4 law before it takes effect September 1 is happening in San Antonio.

The hearing on whether to grant a preliminary injunction preventing SB 4 from taking effect while the court case plays out starting at 9:30 AM with over 1000 people from Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and other parts of the state gathering to protest it.

The case will be heard over the next two days in Chief District Judge Orlando Garcia's court ( Clinton appointee), and the Department of (in) Justice has already filed a brief supporting the unjust law.

Elections matter people.

Now we have to wait and see how the legal arguments play out and what happens over the next few days in San Antonio.     

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