Saturday, June 03, 2017

Pittsburgh (and Philadelphia) Voted For Hillary, Not 45

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The political science joke about Pennsylvania is that it is Pittsburgh in the west, Philadelphia in the east and Alabama in the middle.

We all know that Trump shockingly won this state narrowly on Election Night in large part to three third party candidates siphoning off just enough votes to allow Trump to eke out a narrow (ugh) victory in the Keystone State.

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Dear Orange Misleader seems to have it in his head that the two largest cities in the state of Pennsylvania voted for him when he cited the Steel City as his jacked up rationale for pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accords that 195 nations signed.

No Dumb Donald, Pittsburgh didn't vote for you, it voted for Hillary, and it wasn't close.

Hillary Clinton received 363, 017 votes (56.4%) of the votes cast in Allegheny County to Trump's 257, 488 (.40% ) .

Gary Johnson received 15,854 (2%) ,Jill Stein  5,021 (0.8%) and Darrell Castle got 1,793 (0.3%)

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In Philadelphia, it was a blowout    Clinton received 560, 542 votes (82.4% ) of the votes cast in Philadelphia County to Trump's  105, 418 (15.5%).

Johnson got 6,786 (1%). Stein 6,452 (0.9%) and Castle 1,029 (0.2%)

So nope Dumb Donald, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the two largest cities in the state, didn't vote for you. and in both cities it was a massive rejection of you.

TransGriot Note:  Thanks to TransGriot reader Jason Byrd for sending me the Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties 2016 election data that inspired the post.

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