Friday, June 02, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards-First One In June Edition

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With the flipping of the calendar page to June we're now halfway through 2017, and this year has already seemed to have dragged on for six centuries instead of the 153 days in real time since New Year's Day that have already passed.

And since this is the first Friday of June, y'all know what that means.   It's time for this week's edition of the TransGriot Shut up Fool Awards.

Let's start with our honorable mentions.

Honorable mention number one is a blanket award for the Trump misadministration for pick an outrage.

Honorable mention number two is Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick.   He's not only trying to bully the governor into calling an anti-trans special session, he shut the senate gallery down to ensure that SB 4 Memorial Day protesters didn't let him and his Texas GOP senate oppressors hear how displeased we are about the unjust and racist SB 4.

Honorable mention number three si CNN serial liar Jeffrey Lord who got his azz handed to him this week by Jennifer Granholm, Robert Reich and claimed that Jared Kushner is the 'Robert Kennedy of the Trump administration'.

Ugh.  GOP White male mediocrity and ignorance on full display again.

Honorable mention number four is Ivanka Trump.   She put out this tweet alleging her support for the LGBTQ community since yesterday marked the start of Pride Month and is getting ripped a new anus for it.

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Naw boo boo kitty, like father like daughter.   You traffic in the illusion of inclusion.   If you were really a supporter of this community you wouldn't be sitting silently as your father attacks trans kids, the gay peeps in Chechnya are being rounded up and sent to camps and anti-gay rhetoric and actions reign supreme in you daddy's misadministration .

Honorable mention number five is Kentucky governor Matt Bevin (R), who said that the answer to a rising murder rate is to 'pray it away'.

Yeah, I pray that the good people of Kentucky will only have to suffer one term of your GOP idiocy in the Governor's mansion.

This week's Shut Up Fool Awards loser winner is Texas state Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving).

Rinaldi, who is a member of the far right wing Texas Freedom Oppressor Caucus, won this week's award with his actions on Monday as the sine die Memorial Day weekend protests coordinated by United We Dream activists erupted in the House chamber.

He not only called ICE on the House protesters that I was observing and called them 'un American,
 but also threatened to shoot another Latino House colleague in the head and then tried to spin it as 'they attacked him.'

Ah the fragile GOP white male ego and its incredible capacity for self deception.   Hey if you don't want protests in the House gallery, don't pass unjust, racist  and oppressive laws that will piss people off. .

Rinaldi's threat to call ICE probably handed the expanding coalition of folks and orgs opposing SB 4 the legal ammo they needed to prove in federal court the Texas Lege when they passed the unjust bill did so with 'discriminatory intent'.

Rinaldi is a prime example of what I've been saying in that the most dangerous bigot is the one with legislative power.

He only won his Texas House seat last year by 500 votes, and guess he forgot that Irving is now 40% Latinx.  His office was hit with protests two days later, and he is probably going to be electorally targeted next November.

Sucks to be you.   See you at the ballot box in November 2018 when we work to make you an EX state rep

And oh yeah.  Rep. Matt Rinaldi, shut up fool!

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