Saturday, June 17, 2017

Are The Golden State Warriors Declining A White House Champions Visit?

One of the perks that comes with winning a league or collegiate championship here in the United States is getting to visit the White House and hang out with the POTUS,

But since 45 got elected, increasing number of non-white athletes are showing their disapproval of this misadministration by not going to the White House for their ceremonial victory visits

And this news is coming a day after Clemson showed up at the White House for their visit.

The Golden State Warriors are rumored to have just become the first team to decline as a group to go to the White House.  Hours after completing their near perfect 16-1 romp through the NBA playoffs to capture their fifth title as an organization and second in three years, it is being alleged they unanimously voted to not go to the White House if the invite comes.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and David West have also made it clear they don't like Dear Cheeto Leader

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When the Warriors won the NBA title in 2015, they proudly showed up to visit the White House when President Obama was living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The team did issue a statement after multiple stories came out stating that they had voted to decline a visit, saying that 'today is all about celebrating our championship' and no invitation had come from the White House yet.  

The statement also said that the organization would make those decisions when an if necessary.

If they don't go, it will continue a pattern that is developing since January of pro athletes not wanting to show up at this White House because of its extremely problematic current occupant.

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