Saturday, June 17, 2017

Montgomery County Valero Station Engaging in Transphobia

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Why do I keep saying hate thoughts + hate speech =  hate crimes/violence like a mantra?  It's because that is the Equation of Oppression.

Thanks to reader Charity Goodwin, I was advised of a situation that occurred at a Valero station that was spotted by another trans woman who needed to commit a revolutionary act and use the bathroom

She found this sign on the single stall bathroom at  a Valero branded gas station on 340 Valley Wood Dr in Spring just off I-45 in Montgomery County

This is what months and years of anti-trans propaganda from the Texas Republican Party, right wing pastors and conservative media leads to.   Special conservafool snowflakes putting dehumanizing signs on the door of a single stall women's bathroom.

FYI conservafool, trans women are women who also need to poop and pee.  Guess you had this pressing need to feel better about your miserable self by exercising your oppressor gene.

Microaggressive crap like this is why we Texas trans peeps fight unjust bills like HB 2899 and call out any instances of dehumanization of Texas trans people aimed at us whether it comes from the Lt Governor or some idiot running a local gas station. .

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