Monday, June 05, 2017

The Most Unfriendly LGBT President Ever

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The turning of the calendar page to June also means that it's the start of Pride Month, and we have gotten spoiled over the last eight years by having a president who is cognizant of that.

It was this time last year I had gotten the invitation to go to the LGBT Pride Reception and I was scrambling to try to get to DC for it.

That's not the case with 45 despite the fact during the campaign he promised he would be 'the most LGBT friendly president in history'.

Like all his other campaign promises, that has turned out to be a lie.   We already had the best president ever when it came to LGBT rights issues in the previous occupant of the White House at that time in Barack Obama.

Trump stocking his campaign advisory team with long time LGBT haters like Mike Pence, other professional gay baiters and right wing hate pastors telegraphed to me and everyone else paying attention except the Log Cabin Sellouts that this would not be an administration that we could count on, much less would be inviting us to his White House for a Pride Reception.

If there were any folks in LGBTQ World holding out hope that Trump was going to live up to his campaign rhetoric, that died June 1 when he failed to put out a proclamation for Pride Month as President Obama had done for every year of his presidency.

And I was saying while in attendance at last year's Pride Reception that if Hillary didn't win, this would probably be the last one until possibly 2021.

Damn I hate it when I'm right.

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