Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Number 14- Rest In Power and Peace Ava Le'Ray Barrin

It's my sad duty to report that another trans sister has been lost to anti-trans violence, this time in Athens, Georgia.

The latest addition to our sadly lengthening 2017 list of trans women who are being killed is 17 year old Ava Le'Ray Barrin.  As usual, a Black trans woman was misgendered by the local media.

According to reports from the Athens Banner- Herald and the Atlanta Journal Constitution, for still unknown reasons a fight broke out in the parking lot of the Riverview apartment complex in Athens early Sunday morning between Barrin and 21 year old Jalen Breon Brown .

The two knew each other, according to Athens Clarke County PD spokesperson Epifanio Rodriguez.

When Athens-Clarke County PD responded to the 11:45 AM EDT report of the altercation, when they arrived at the apartment complex at 1020 College Ave, they found Barrin lying in the parking lot of the complex not breathing and suffering from a gunshot would to the left side of her chest.

 Ava was taken to a nearby Athens hospital where she was pronounced dead at 12:45 PM EDT

Witnesses told the arriving officers that Barrin was shot by Brown, who was still in the complex.  Despite claims of self defense, Brown was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault, and is currently in the Athens-Clarke County jail with no bond.  .
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A candlelight memorial service for Barrin was held in Athens at 7:00 PM EDT Monday evening,at the complex, and her funeral arrangements are still pending.

Ava LeRay Barrin is not only the 14th trans person killed this year, she is now the youngest trans woman to die in the US at age 17.   All 14 trans women murdered in the US this year have been trans women of color, with 12 of the 14 being Black   One person, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow was Native American, and we recently lost our first Latina in Josie Berrios.

Rest in power and peace Ava.  You were just beginning to live your life as your true self, and were taken from us way too soon before you even had a chance to make your dreams become a reality.


Unknown said...

rip, condolences to her friends and family

M said...

Prayers and strength to her family and friends... She was just beginning. ALL lives matter, and this is being rolled under the carpet by big media. Where is the outrage??

Melissa said...

Looks like both of those articles misgendered Ava, too. :(

Unknown said...

Rest in Love Ava! All lives matter! Condolences to the family and friends.

Unknown said...

My heart grieves for the loss of another girllikeus.

Unknown said...

I knew her , she went to my school before she left after my 9th grade and hearing this just hurts me .

Unknown said...

As his Mother I agreed

Unknown said...

No need to fight with former friends.

UpperEche said...

How's use this anti-trans violence when the deceased was killed by another trans person? That doesn't make any sense. Also where was this person misgendered. What does that mean? Does that mean someone called him a man when he preferred to be seen as a woman? Because just because you want to be called a woman doesn't mean other people will play that game with you. It's actually wrong to ask people to lie to make you feel better

seeker_kat said...

A human being was killed . RIP blessings and love to all involved. Outrage won't heal the pain.