Thursday, June 08, 2017

Number 12- Rest In Power And Peace, Kenne McFadden

Was wondering how long it was going to take before all the anti-trans hatred being spewed out of Dan Patrick's and other Texas Republican mouths trying to pass SB 6, HB 2899 and other unjust anti-trans hate legislation would result in the death of a trans Texan.

The answer to my question was April 9. when 27 year old Kenne McFadden's lifeless body was found floating in the San Antonio River near the city's famed Riverwalk and many of us were up I-35 in the ATX fighting Texas GOP legislative oppression aimed at the Texas trans community.

But because the San Antonio media misgendered Kenne at the time, we are just now finding out two months later about her murder.  

Once again news media transphobes, accurate reporting of trans murder victims matters.  And I'm sick and tired of the media misgendering repeatedly happening to Black trans women .

Kenne is the 12th trans woman we have lost to anti-trans violence in 2017, and 11 of the twelve US murder victims have been African American.   Native American Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow of South Dakota is the only (so far) non Black trans person killed.

What also continues to sadden us at Black Transwomen, Inc is that nine of the dozen souls we have lost to anti-trans hate are under age 40.

And yes Dan Patrick, Lois Kolkhorst and Texas Republican Party, her blood is on your hands.  Anti-trans hate thoughts + anti-trans hate speech = anti-trans hate assaults and murders of trans women.

And far too often those trans women who end up dead share my ethnic background.

According to a KENS-TV report, the San Antonio PD has a person of interest in the case who is already in jail on unrelated charges, and they plan to after further interviews and sorting out what happened in this case, arrest and charge this person.

I, my San Antonio trans family and trans people and our allies across the Lone Star State will be keeping an eye on this case as it develops.

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