Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Number 13- Rest In Peace Josie Berrios

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Once again, we have lost another US trans woman of color to anti-trans violence in 2017, and sadly she is another trans woman of color.

At 6:58 AM EDT Tuesday morning the burned body of 28 year old Josie Berrios of Ithaca was found in the Breazzano Center building under construction at 209-215 Dryden Avenue in the Collegetown area of Ithaca, NY near the Cornell University campus. .

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The body had apparent burns when it was found at the scene along with an accelerant in a gallon can of gasoline that was found at the scene.

Today 45 year old Michael Davis was arrested by the Ithaca Police Department at 10:00 AM EDT and charged with two counts of second degree felony murder and one count of felony arson.

According to reports in the Ithaca Voice, Davis was captured on surveillance video wearing an Alpha Security Bureau uniform and carrying a black duffel bag into the Dryden Avenue building.  Another photo was taken with him wearing the shirt and carrying the duffel bag inside the under construction building and exiting the building later without the shirt

That black duffel bag containing a green lighter and the Alpha Security Bureau shirt was found by IPD at 309 College Avenue.  At Davis' residence Ithaca Police allege they found a plastic bag that contained work gloves and clothing with a strong petroleum smell.

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He is being held without bond in the Tompkins County Jail at this time.   Davis is also alleged to have had a personal relationship with Berrios at this time.

The IPD is also asking for as part of its investigation into Berrios' death for information from anyone who was walking or hitchhiking along Ellis Hollow Road, Turkey Creek Road or Ellis Hollow Creek Road between 5:45-6:45 AM EDT on Tuesday.

As i get further information about this heinous crime, I'll pass it on to you TransGriot readers.

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