Thursday, June 29, 2017

Moni's Going To Comic-Con International 2017!

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I was just talking to Cecilia Chung last week about how I haven't gotten the opportunity to do events on the West Coast as much as I do the East Coast, in Washington DC and the Midwest.

Every now and then I get those phone calls that brings unexpected blessings and opportunities in my life and I received one of those yesterday.

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Comic-Con has been one of those bucket list things that I've wanted to someday do, but didn't expect to happen for awhile.   That changed at approximately 3 PM yesterday .

I've been asked to participate on a panel discussion that is happening during the event, and as we get closer to Comic-Con's dates and the details get hashed out, I'll  be able to talk more about the panel and what its about.

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This qualifies a s BFD.   Comic-Con is not only the oldest continuously run comics and popular arts show in the US, it draws over 130,000 attendees to a sold out San Diego Convention Center along with Hollywood celebrities, movie and television directors and writers.

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The best part about this upcoming trip to San Diego is that it is not only the first time I get a chance to explore the city (was in the San Diego airport for two hours a few months ago enroute to Tucson), I get to see Comic-Con in all its glory.  

I'm also hopeful I'll get to spend some quality time with one of my trans elders in Tracie Jada O'Brien while I'm in her southern Cali neck of the woods.

The July 20-23 dates of this event also gives me a mental health break before I have to deal with the Texas GOP conservafools and their Special Oppression Session in Austin

I'll find out when the panel happens when they post the full schedule of events , and I'll let you TransGriot readers who are attending the evnt know where to find me.

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