Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2015 US Trans Survey Report Release Event Coming December 8

I'm eagerly anticipating an event that is going to take place at the National Press Club on December 8 .
The report from the 2015 US Trans Survey will be released on that date, and it is the larges trans survey ever conducted to date with over 28,000 participants  

While trans people have been getting increasing attention in the media, we still need data about our community to educate advocates, the media, policymakers, educators and legislators about our lives, and this USTS  is going to become like the 2011 'Injustice At Every Turn survey an important tool in backing up our policy concerns with data.

It is also being released at a crucial time in our community's history with an administration coming in that will be the polar opposite of the trans friendly Obama Administration.

The event will be livestreamed starting at 12 PM CST and you'll be able to  watch it courtesy of this link. 

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