Friday, November 11, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- #NotMyPresident Edition

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Still pissed off and angry about Tuesday's election results and the revolting spectacle of witnessing a repeat of 2000.   Trump will be inaugurated POTUS on January 20, and I'm not looking forward to seeing that unqualified fool in the Oval Office for the next four years.

Yuck.  I'm still disgusted I even have to type the words 'president-elect Trump'   Sorry world, we non-white and progressive Americans who knew the danger tried to keep this from happening.

Anyway, the work begins to try to contain the fallout from this disastrous election and make Trump's last day in office January 20, 2021.

Let's get to this week's Shut Up Fool Awards

Honorable mention number one is everyone in the media who enabled this fool, and are now shocked the racist misogynist won.

Honorable mention number two is 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, who after taking a principled stand in refusing to stand for the national anthem. undercut his message by NOT voting on Tuesday.

Honorable mention number three is all you educated white women who voted for Trump.   Guess you race and white privilege matters more than solidarity with non white women, huh?

Honorable mention number four is all the gay white men who voted for Trump.   You fools voted for your own oppression and are about to find out your whiteness will not protect you from having your rights, including marriage equality rolled back.

Image result for Stein and JohnsonThe Shut Up Fool Award winners this week are everyone who voted third party in swing states, and are now ignorantly trying to clam that your votes for Stein or Johnson didn't affect the election.

Bull feces.  Don't even try to tell that lie in an attempt to absolve yourselves from your responsibility in enabling a racist endorsed by the Klan to become POTUS.   You are clearly delusional if you are trying to claim that.  

If you voted third party, you voted for Trump, and no amount of excuse making will change that fact, especially since Hillary won the popular vote.  

You knew the stakes.  Those of us who went through the contention 2000 race tried to warn you not to do it.  But in you vanillacentric privileged arrogance you did so anyway, and now you are shocked and angry about the result and want to protest.

The time to protest was on Tuesday November 8 from 7 AM-7 PM local time at your local polling places.  So have several seats and miss me with whatever excuse du jour you come up with trying to justify your misguided Stein/Johnson vote.  You own this mess of a looming Trump presidency just as much as all the white people who gleefully cast votes and enabled the Klan endorsed candidate to win.

So to everyone who voted third party Tuesday in swing states and are now trying to riverdance away from it, shut up fools.

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