Monday, November 28, 2016

Moni's On Queer Voices Once Again!

Just a reminder for those of you in the Houston area that I'll once again be headed to the KPFT-FM studios later tonight to be on the Queer Voices radio show.

I'm scheduled to chat about with the Queer Voices on air team about recent developments in TBLGQ World, the 2016 election and our upcoming 2017 Texas legislative session along with whatever else we can fit into that time I'll be on air.

I'm scheduled to be on starting at 8:35 PM CST, and for those of who can't pick up KPFT-FM on your radio dial at 90.1 FM or who don't live in the Houston area you can check out their livestream of it.

Should be a fun and interesting conversation with Jack, Bryan and Jenifer tonight and looking forward to it.

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