Thursday, November 17, 2016

Last White House Transgender Community Event Today

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The last transgender themed White House event for a while will take place in a few hours

The White House Transgender Community Briefing is sponsored by the White House Office of Public Engagement, and will bring together transgender leaders and community members in an event that not only is a celebration of our cultural accomplishments, but also discuss policy issues.

Will I be there?  Wasn't invited to this one, but am glad that Nikki Araguz Loyd will be repping the Lone Star state and the Houston area since she did get an invite.  

I'm saying it's the last one because I don't see a Trump White House chock full of anti-TBLGQ professional haters having an Office of Public Engagement this accepting and respectful of our community.

The White House Transgender Community Briefing will take place from 4-7 PM EST, and you may be able to watch it via streaming video on the website.

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Unknown said...

Did this event actually take place? Or was it cancelled? I noticed the livestream was pulled ten minutes before scheduled broadcasting.