Friday, November 04, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Fall Back 2016 Edition

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Daylight Savings Time ends in the US at 2 AM on Sunday.

So TransGriot readers, before you go out to party or go to bed, you may wish to move your clocks back one hour before you do so.   If you're a Republican, you've already set your clocks back 100 years, so you're good.

Moving on.. It's Friday, so it's time for me to handle my TransGriot business and choose this week's fool, fools or group of fools to call our in this week's edition of the Shut Up Fool Awards.

Let's get started calling people out shall we?

Honorable mention number one is Melania Trump.    In her first campaign speech since the disastrous plagiarized RNC one, not only claimed that she would take up cyberbullying as a cause if she became First Lady, she's now been busted a second time for plagiarizing another speech, this time from Donald's ex Marla Maples.

Girlfriend, It's also the height of hypocrisy for you to decry cyberbullying when your hubby is the king of the cyberbullies.  You also need some new speechwriters that can come up with some original material.

Honorable mention number two is long time Houston LGBTQ hater Steven Hotze, who remixed some old Pat Robertson hatred and claimed that gay people were termites eating away at America's foundation.

Dude, why don't you just come out already?  We long time Houstonians haven't forgotten about your back in the day DWI bust on Picnic Lane in Memorial Park a

Honorable mention number three is Kellyanne Conway, for continuing to lie for Trump.

Honorable mention number four is Lil Wayne, who claimed in an ABC Nightline interview that the Black Lives Matter movement had nothing to do with him and dissed it,  then apologized after the backlash hit his azz.

Honorable mention number five  is the North Carolina GOP, who filed a complaint against the Charlotte Observer in a failed attempt to stop a forum discussing the unjust Hate Bill 2.

Hey, y'all were proud to pass HB 2 in 18 hours a few months ago, so why y'all trying to run away from it now?  .

Honorable mention number six  is a group award for the Country Music Awards and their racist fans, who after Beyonce appeared on the CMA Awards stage Wednesday night with her fellow Texans the Dixie Chicks removed all mention of the performance from their website.

Um CMA people, guess y'all forgot the CMA's were telecast and pics of that joint performance are all over the Net and entertainment media.. .     .  

As for  your racist fans and your attempted erasure of Queen Bey, the Beyhive will be coming for you shortly.

Honorable mention number seven is Shaquille O'Neal, who said in an Esquire interview that when he gets stopped by the po-po, he's not worried because he'shows respect'/

Really?  There are peeps who are dead now because they 'showed respect' to killer KKKops.  It doesn't matter to a white cop who hates you if you're showing respect to them or not in a encounter with them it they harbor anti-Black attitudes.

You do TV commercials, are an NBA analyst and a seven foot tall Hall of Fame athlete.   So pick an NBA arena, have several sections of seats and shut the hell up with that noise

Honorable mention number eight is Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller, who posted a misogynist tweet aimed at Hillary Clinton with the c-word in it, then tried to claim it was a staffer's fault, then tried to claim their Twitter feed had been hacked.

Hmm.  Another Republican office holder we need to vote out of office in 2018.

Image result for james comeyThis week's Shut Up Fool winner is FBI Director James Comey.  He leaked information over the weekend about e-mails in a sexting investigation of Anthony Weiner that Trump seized on and used in his campaign stump speeches.  

He did so against the advice of his boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and now is concerned that he 'politicized the FBI before the most crucial presidential election since 1860'.

Fortunately much of the country has already voted, and what yo did was piss off Hillary supporters and motivate them to go to the polls and handle their electoral business.

Really  you Republifool?   Now you're concerned about politicizing the FBI?  Should have thought about that before you released info about an investigation that isn't even connected to Hillary Clinton.

James Comey, Shut Up Fool!

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