Saturday, November 19, 2016

If You're A Trans Trump Voter, You Are A Sellout

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It's now been a week since the disastrous election of that reprehensible oompa loompa who I will give the same respect as POTUS as he gave President Obama, absolutely none.

One of the things I've been amused and saddened to see is how fast white fauxgressives are trying to riverdance away from the fact their third party votes in swing states helped grease the skids for Trump's upset win.   I've also noticed  in the last few days a few trans Trump traitors have come out and stated they voted for him knowing that the humanity and the human rights of our community was on the ballot.

It's even been more amusing and at times gobsmacking to realize the level of Grade A stupidity that went into their decisions on why they voted for Trump.

I've heard the remixed excuses and smears such as 'Hillary was worse than Trump'.  'Trump was just saying that stuff to get elected, he won't be that bad'.  "He's a businessman who will bring back our manufacturing jobs'

Once again, like you and your ancestors have been for the last 150 years, you've been hoodwinked and bamboozled into voting against your own interests by the 1% you allegedly hate, but proved you don't more than your foaming at the mouth hate for non-white Americans.  

The 1% peeps and the Republican Party are laughing at you from their quiet rooms about how easily they got you to fall once again for that tried and true tactic as they gleefully figure out what luxury yachts and toys they will buy with the massive deficit creating tax cut they are about to get.  

So trans sellouts, not only did you fall hard for that ancient okey doke I and a whole lot of people warned you not to do, you arrogantly thought your whiteness and white privilege would protect you from the backlash the Trump campaign hate stirred up..

Nope, it won't, and the Trump brownshirts are making it clear  across the country that you're on their hate menu..

You're in the same boat human rights wise with me and other non-white trans folks, and our human rights are the first ones on the list to be eviscerated by the incoming Trump Administration.

His rumored picks for positions in his administration make it abundantly clear how badly you played yourselves..

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I really don't give a rat's anus at this moment in history about your precious delicate nerves.  I'm calling crap out.  You don't like me calling you sellouts to our community, too bad, because that's exactly what you are and what you did to this community when you voted for Trump.

But what I'm really mad at you trans fauxgressives about is not that message you sent with your vote that you're down with the KKK and the Trump hate message of oppressing non-white Americans.

What I'm upset about is how this will affect our trans kids who are already under right wing attack now and the only thing that was beating it back was the Obama Administration .

It's ironic the Black POTUS you disrespected cares more for your humanity and human rights than the incoming white one and his VP will.

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Oh well, but you voted to Make America Hate Again.   By doing so, you not only enabled hatred and oppression of non-white Americans, but you opened the door for the oppression of trans people

That makes you a trans sellout.

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