Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bishop Yvette Flunder's Post-Election Message

I had the honor and pleasure of finally meeting a few months ago the amazing Bishop Yvette Flunder when she came to Houston to speak at the PODCC.

She is an unapologetic part of the radically inclusive wing of Christianity that needs to be the rule and not the exception in our world instead of the radicalized hatemongering Pharisees and Sadducees that claim they are.

Love this message that was on her Facebook page that she asked to be shared.

Done, Bishop.


As I am receiving clarity about the recent political events in our nation, I am ready to fight for the soul of Christianity...not against other faiths, that I also respect and revere, but to take back what was been hijacked from Christianity by those who call themselves 'conservatives' . Jesus was not a any means! Everything he taught flew in the face of the conservative religion of His time.

I am clear that a strong, fearful and controlli
ng Christian conservative vote showed up in the recent election galvanized around the issues of abortion and marriage equality.This was the battle cry, but abortion rates were already declining.  "The overall rate of unintended pregnancies dropped 18 percent between 2008 and 2011—its lowest in 30 years,"according to the Guttmacher Institute, March 2, 2016.

Why? Contraceptive education, much of which was provided by Planned Parenthood. Babies that are not conceived will not be aborted!  Heterosexual marriage is on the increase according to Pew Research. 'The new data show that 4.32 million adults (ages 18 or older) were newlywed in 2012, a 3% percent increase over the 4.21 million adults newly married in 2011 and the numbers are climbing (The data does not include same-sex couples.) 

So what is the real issue? Too much public boldness for those who were at one time at least closeted about women's rights, LGBT rights and racial equality...the race issue was exacerbated by a Black President. These fears when added to the 'lie' that the 'coloreds' were taking jobs away justified the one real issue I want to lift up...the conservative Christian church got in bed with evil, under the guise of doing God's work and it's soul is in jeopardy.

Without a message of welcome, inclusion, resisting empire, love and peace, what is the purpose of the Church? God does not have to dance with the devil, to benefit the Church. None of the politicians were/are perfect, but how can "God's Champion" have to pay 25 million dollars because he is guilty of defrauding people? 

There are two distinct Christianity's in our atmosphere...I choose to be the disciple of the Radically Inclusive Jesus of Nazareth.

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