Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanks Tucson For A Wonderful TDOR 2016 Weekend!

TDOR 2016 is now one for the history books, and enjoyed my weekend here in Baja Arizona as they call the Tucson-Pima County area.

I hope they enjoyed the speech as much as i was told today they enjoyed my TransGriot TDOR 2016 blog post. 

I enjoyed while i was here on this end of I-10 meeting and talking to people in the Tucson area TBLGQ community, SAGA, GENDERowdy, various trans parents and on the University of Arizona campus, and deeply appreciate y'all rolling out the red carpet for me.

I even ran into people this weekend that used to live in Houston who now call Tucson home.

Megathanks for the gift of the knitted trans flag color scarf.  Will definitely come in handy in the cold weather cities I get to visit and the next time we get a cold front that rolls through Houston.   I even enjoyed the pool table on the first floor at the ALoft Hotel that i called home for the weekend..

Now comes the words that the folks in Houston are happy for me to write.  It's time to head back home to the Lone Star State and my end of I-10 via Denver.

See y'all in a few hours, Houston.  

Tucson, thanks once again for an amazing visit and a well done TDOR , and I hope it doesn't take me another four years before I get the opportunity to return to southern Arizona.

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