Saturday, November 05, 2016

Canadian C-16 Trans Rights Bill Successfully Clears Another Legislative Hurdle

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Bill C-16, the Trans Rights Bill passed another critical hurdle towards passage in the Canadian House of Commons on Thursday when it cleared its November 3 Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights hearing.

The best news about that committee hearing was that C-16 did so without any amendments being added to the bill and minimal Conservative opposition.

C-16 had its first parliamentary hearing back on October 18 and passed Second Reading on a 248-40 vote prior to being sent to the Justice and Human Rights Committee.

The bill was tabled again yesterday in the House of Commons and is now awaiting its Third Reading vote that proponents of the bill hope will occur before the end of 2016

If it passes its Third Reading vote, it will complete the House of Commons part of the Canadian legislative process and move on the Canadian Senate in which it faces what is expected to be a tougher fight to passage.

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