Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It's Election Day 2016!

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Today is the day we find out who will succeed President Obama and become the 45th president of the United States.  Will it be another history making night in terms of us getting our first female president, or will it be another disaster like 2000?

As per a tradition that has been taking place since 1960, the seven residents of the town of  Dixville Notch, NH cast their ballots at midnight EST.   So what were the results?  Clinton received 4 votes, Trump received 2, Johnson 1 and one write in vote for 2016 Republican nominee Mitt Romney. In the other midnight voting town of Hart's Location, NH  She garnered 21 votes to Trump's 17. Johnson got 3, Bernie Sanders 2 write in votes and  Kasich/Sanders 1

We'll find out in a few hours if she won the state of New Hampshire and the combination of states she needs to get to 270 electoral votes.   We'll also find out how accurate the presidential election map prediction I made in September turned out.

It's also an election that I, many trans people, parents of trans kids and our allies across the US are nervous about, along with much of the world who would rather see Hillary Clinton elected POTUS.   .
If you didn't take advantage of early voting, you'll have to go to your regular precinct today from 7 Am to 7 PM.   As long as you are in line before the polls close at 7 PM, you can vote in this crucial presidential election.

As a reminder, yours truly will also be taking part along with several Houston area bloggers as part of the ABC13 coverage of Election Night.  I'll also be tweeting via my TransGriot Twitter feed.

So if you haven't voted,  please do so, because this is what I want to see happening across the country for Trump supporters later tonight

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