Friday, November 25, 2016

One Month To Christmas Day 2016

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We are one month away from Christmas Day 2016, and we already received a lump of coal in our Christmas stockings in terms of that unqualified dufus being elected president.

Here in Texas, my lousy lieutenant governor is ignoring other pressing state problems such as the public school finance situation by pushing anti trans hatred with HB 82, a clone of North Carolina's failed Hate Bill 2 as the Rev Dr William J Barber II calls it.

Tea Klux Klan senator Konni Burton (R-Fort Worth) just four days before TDOR, filed the unjust SB 242, which would not only force teachers and school administrators to out TBLGQ kids to their parents, but bar school districts from passing rules to ignore it.

Sigh. once again we have Texas Republicans making sure we can't go more than a week without the Lone Star State being a national embarrassment by excelling in oppressing people.

Normally I would ask as part of my holiday season Christmas wishes for the trans community to not be hated on for the holidays, but seems like the Republican Party and the transphobes got the jump on me this year.

And with Trump's (yuck) election, the transphobic haters have become even more emboldened to let their transphobic bigotry fly, even in TBLGQ World.

See Milo Yiannopoulos as a prime example of that rainbow flag waving transphobic hate.

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So what does an out trans person do during the holidays?  This one damned sure isn't going back into the closet as the haters wish for us to do.   She is standing her ground, being more in your face visible and ready to fight for her human rights .

Yes, I realize the holidays can suck, and this 2016 holiday season has the potential to be a depressing one.   Hell, I've gone through being being depressed for the holidays at points in my life and have an understanding of what it feels like.

Depression is temporary.   Life is precious.   Back in 2007, I was depressed to the point where it took me writing my way out of it to get back to my every day self.   But the point I'm making is that I'm here to talk about it.

I understand that if you aren't connected to your family, combined with anti-trans hatred being aimed at you on an almost daily basis, can make the holidays excruciatingly more depressing to the point that some of you are contemplating extreme measures like taking your own life.

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Your best revenge against what is happening right now is living for a better day, not taking your own life.   That only pleases the TERF's, the professional transphobes and the conservative movement if you take your own life.  It also robs our community of not only getting a chance to know and bond with your fabulous self, it robs us of the unique talents you possess that will contribute to making our trans community better..  

You living your life as an unapologetic trans person is a powerful revolutionary act.  The reason the haters despise you is because you have done the one thing they can't bring themselves to do, which is live as their true selves.   By doing that, you have become a powerful human being who is part of an international community of people, and the haters are deathly afraid of that power you possess inside of you.  But in order to realize and develop that power, you have to be alive to do so.

Now if only you could recognize what I just told you and believe it
As a trans person, you are also part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  Your life matters not only to me  but to everyone in our community.   It is worth fighting for.

If you're having some issues this holiday season. find a supportive friend, blood or chosen family member to talk to.   Trans Lifeline is also available if you don't have someone to chat with about what's bothering you at 877-565-8860 in the US or 877-330-6366 in Canada.

We have one month until Christmas Day 2016.   Let's get through it together, shall we? .

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