Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FLOTUS Haters Pay For Their Racist Bigotry With Their Jobs

The election of Trump has sent a signal to bigoted and racist white people that they can be as offensive as they wanna be.  

But with that First Amendment freedom to be as reprehensibly racist as they wish to be, they are also finding out the hard way racist hate speech has a cost.

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Pam Taylor, the former director of the non profit Clay County Development Corporation in Clay, WV found this lesson out the hard way along with Clay, WV mayor Beverly Whaling

Taylor wrote a racist message on her Facebook page cosigned by Whaling calling First Lady Michelle Obama an 'ape in heels', and then was shocked when the post went viral and the inevitable backlash hit her azz over the offensive comment that  cost Taylor her job.. 

Image result for Pamela Ramsey TaylorMayor Whaling, who cosigned Taylor racist post by writing, 'Just made my day, Pam' and subsequently deleting it when she also began to feel the heat, has resigned from the Clay. WV mayor's chair.

What Pam, you and former mayor Whiting mad because the FLOTUS not only hold two Ivy League degrees earned with cum laude grades, but has been the epitome of grace despite having to deal with nonstop ethnic slurs hurled at her, her daughters and her husband?

Miss me with those white women's tears.  You comment makes it clear you are.  You're only mad because you posted your ugly bigoted disdain for the FLOTUS on social media and got busted for it..

Bye, Pam.  Just an FYI for your ignorant behind, apes can also look like this:

Maybe you can find a job in the incoming Trump administration you love so much since it seems that being an overtly racist white person doesn't disqualify you for employment in it.

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