Thursday, November 24, 2016

TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks -Week 12

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It's Thanksgiving Day!  I'm  posting my NFL picks a little earlier than normal because we have an early morning game in Detroit in addition to turkey and all the other mouth watering food and sides that will grace your dinner table,

Two of those three NFL games on tap involve the two teams that have Turkey Day traditions in the Detroit Lions as I mentioned and that NFL franchise in Arlington.    In recent years the NFL has broadcasts an evening game that involves two additional NFL teams either done by NBC or the NFL Network, and this year it's the Pittsburgh Steelers visiting the Indianapolis Colts in that Turkey Day evening matchup.

I flipped the pontification script on Mike in Week 11, and won it thanks to the Panthers and Colts pulling out their games.  If the Texans had held on, I'd be back up to a six game lead, but five game spread works.

Let's get to Week 12   Everyone has had their bye weeks, so from now on well be picking 16 weekly games for the rest of the season.   Teams I'm selecting to win will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.  

Mike's Week 12 selections will be available via this link.

NFL Week 11 Results
                               2016 NFL Season Results
TransGriot   10-4                                       TransGriot    103-57-2
Mike              9-5                                       Mike               98-62-2
Eli                 --                                           Eli                    ---

Thanksgiving Games
Vikings over LIONS
COWBOYS over Washington
Steelers over COLTS

Sunday Early Games
RAVENS over Bengals
TEXANS over Chargers
SAINTS over Rams
FALCONS over Cardinals
DOLPHINS over 49ers
BILLS over Jaguars
BEARS over Titans
Giants over BROWNS

Sunday Afternoon Games

Seahawks over BUCCANEERS
Patriots over JETS
RAIDERS over Panthers

Sunday Night Game
Chiefs over BRONCOS

Monday Night Game
EAGLES over Packers

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