Saturday, November 12, 2016

Claiming 'You're Nor Racist' For Supporting Trump? Prove It!

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“What challenges us is to ensure that none should enjoy lesser rights and none tormented because they are born different, hold contrary political views, or pray to God in a different manner.”
--Nelson Mandela

Over the last few days, I've been seeing defensive comments coming from the folks who admitted they voted for Il Douche that ;not all the people who voted for Trump are racist.

Um, no.  Actions speak louder than words.   By voting for Trump, you cosigned racism.

So I'll play along.  If you are a Trump supporter and you say you aren't racist, here is what you'll need to do to prove it courtesy of something I saw on my FB friend Cynthia Gill's page and added a few TBLGQ concerns to.


If you REALLY believe that this President-elect does not stand for racism, bigotry, and sexual assault on women, and if you REALLY are committed to ensuring that his presidency does not give rise to these forces, you will join me in activism against them. You will keep your eyes open EVERYWHERE, and you will use your privilege to step up and step out to protect our fellow Americans who have become the targets for the racists, bigots and sexual predators who DO feel vindicated.
* You will put your white body in between the Muslim woman and the person shouting at her in the grocery store.
*You will put your male (or otherwise) body in front of the woman being threatened and touched by men on the street, shouting "grab her by the pussy!"
* You will immediately begin cleaning the graffiti you see on a Black neighbor's car or house that says "n*gger go back to Africa"
* You will have harsh words with the school administration that allowed kids in your child's class to bring deportation letters to school for the Latinx students, even though your kid didn't get one.

*You will also have harsh words for the school administrators, students or parents bullying trans kids .  * You will shout louder than the asshole screaming at a Latinx person to leave the country.
*You will put yourself in between your child and the non-white, trans or gay kid they are bullying, and hold your child accountable for their behavior, even if you don't understand. *Especially* when you don't understand.

*You will immediately call out the people in your family and your influence circles who utter racist, Islamophobic, transphobic, biphobic or homophobic slurs
* You will actively and persistently use your safety and privilege in your white body to stand as a barrier in between the hateful and those they target.
* When you see these things on social media, you will VOCALLY oppose them. You will put your voice on that post and say no, this is not right. You will stand against your friends and family who share them and laugh.
*You will directly and personally address any of this that you see or hear in your friends and family.
This will challenge you. This will frighten you. This will push you WAY beyond your comfort zone. You will do it anyway, because you believe that this is not what we stand for in this country.  You will do this because you believe that all of us are equal and that human beings do not deserve to be abused and threatened and harmed because of the color of their skin, their religion, their gender or their ability.
When I see you doing this, when you join me actively in doing this, then and only then will we be on the same side."

I suspect that many Trump voters will gleefully continue their present racist course.

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